The Purchase Contract

You have found that dream home that you have been looking for. Now we have to buy it. It is not compulsory according to current regulations to have this contract but it is strongly advised you have one drawn up.

It not only protects the buyer but also the seller. You can request that it is in both languages and you sign both copies, this will help you with any future disputes you may have.

Documents Procedure Process

Step by step process

Before placing your order, we advise you to download the following documents and read them carefully.

1.) Request for Reservation & Offer to Purchase (RROP) Form.
     (download the link below)

2.) Special Power of Attorney: GIVING AND GRANTING my said      Attorney-in-fact full power and authority, to do and perform      every act and whatsoever requisite or necessary or proper to be      done in and about the premise. (download the link below)

3.) Master Deed of Restrictions: This is the information for contract      to sell. (download the link below)

4.) Purchasing Contract: PILA TOWNHOMES HOMEOWNERS      ASSOCIATION Master Deed and Declaration of Restrictions.      (download the link below)

These materials stipulate the terms of purchase and other legal conditions that you need to know.

Reservation Form

Request for Reservation & Offer
to Purchase (RROP), PDF format

Special Power of Attorney

Pila Townhomes, PDF format
(Updated October 17, 2006)

Master Deed of Restrictions

Rules and Regulations,
Pila Townhomes, PDF format
(Updated April 27, 2005)

Purchasing Contract

Contract of Sale, PDF format
(Updated April 27, 2005)

Buying Process

Before you start looking for a townhouse there are a few things you should do. The most important part is that you understand how the buying process works.

For more information please contact us.

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