Authorized Brokers

We have professional agents in different parts of the globe who are ready to assist you.

If you would like to reach any one of our agents, consult our list to the right.

Italy Authorized Brokers


via F Ozanam
3 Milan 20129
Tel No: +3902 29401981
Fax No: +3902 29401787


via San Quintino
6 0185 Rome
Tel No: +3906 70454672


via Faenza
107/109R Firenze 50133
Tel No: +3955 055211913


via S. Bartolomeo
8 Napoli 80133
Tel No: +3981 5510219
Fax No: +3981 5523502


via Dantes
41 Padova 35137
Tel No: +3949 8766909
Fax No: +3949 8785727


via Ormea
23 Torino 10123
Tel No: +3911 6698729

Buyer's Guide

First time home buyer? Would a home buyers guide help? Looking to buy a house and want a Buyers Broker? Why would you want a buyers agent?

First time home buyers, as well as many experienced real estate buyers, frequently believe the Realtor selling the house or another authorized agent that brought them to a showing is working in their interest.

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